Looking for some good news that you can pick up and run with? Flying a kite is good for your health! So if you haven’t flown a kite since you were a little kid, it turns out you’re missing out on some significant health benefits that come from navigating the wind with a piece of string attached to  brightly-colored shapes.

Flying a kite is a great way to enjoy our sandy beaches; in fact, our beach is kind of famous for its exceptional kite flying, and that’s why we’ve been host to the Kite Festival for more than 40 years.

Here are six ways that flying a kite can make your life better:

Stress Reducing.There’s a reason that we like to gather on the Wayside during the annual Kite Festival and watch the kites billow on the wind; it’s relaxing. It reduces stress and helps release tension, just like good jazz music. The same can be said for flying a kite and feeling connecting to the wind, surf, and sand. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

A Creative Boost. Yes, flying a kite is relaxing, but it also boosts creativity because you have to adapt to wind gusts, lulls, and watch for other flying objects or people. There’s a lot to pay attention to and react to in order to have a successful fly.

Great Exercise. Kites come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are the perfect past time for all ages, sizes, and body types. That doesn’t mean it’s not also exercise. You have to walk down to the beach – and potentially farther – to find a nice open space clear of people and pets. You might even have to run along the sand to get your kite in the sky. The thrill of watching your kite in the sky can get your heart rate up.

Good for your Eyes and Upper Body. These days much of our day is spent looking at a screen, which can cause eye fatigue. Flying a kite helps your eye muscles engage by watching the bobbing shapes against the blue sky. Looking up also helps stretch your spine and counteract some of the effects of sitting at a desk or looking down, and helps stretch neck and shoulder muscles and promotes flexibility.

Spending Time Outdoors. Being in nature is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical self. Flying a kite gets you outside where you can breathe in the fresh, salty air and feel the sun on your skin. A few minutes of flying a kite can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Bringing Joy. Flying a kite is one of of those activities that can be enjoyed by yourself or with a group. But one thing’s for sure you can’t fly a kite without someone else commenting on how much they enjoyed watching you. Whether an amatuer or a professional, people love to watch kites swaying and bobbing on the wind, and flying a kite brings pleasure not only to you but to those on the beach with you.

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