Rockaway Beach South End Beach Access Points

These access points are located between the Rockaway Beach Wayside and the southern city limits.

S. Pacific & S. 2nd Ave.

This pedestrian access is located at the end of 2nd between the Silver Sands Hotel and the Sand Shore Condos. The parking in this area is reserved for guests. So do not park here. However, there is good pedestrian access to the beach.

S. Pacific & S. 3rd Ave.

This access is located behind the Church of St. Mary’s By the Sea. The paved parking area is the church parking lot, which has about 40 marked spaces, some marked for handicapped parking. A sign in the lot states that no overnight parking is allowed.

At the beach access stands a small, concrete bench with a plaque reading “In loving memory of Donald & Gloria Fulton. In God’s hands and our hearts forever.” Just past this lovely bench is the beach.

You should note that this access is used by emergency vehicles, so do not block the road. If you do, you will be towed.

S. Pacific & S. 4th Ave.

At the end of S. 4th Ave., there is a parking area with an unmarked beach access. There is room for approximately 20 vehicles in the parking area. The short path is a straight shot to the beach flanked by dune grass.

S. Pacific & S. 6th Ave.

At the end of S. 6th Ave., next to Getaway Oceanfront Lodge, is a prime access point. Here, you will find an access path that also is a fire lane, so be careful not to block it or you may have your vehicle towed.

The Getaway has its own parking for its guests, so park along the access road between the Getaway and the home at 211 S. Pacific. Also take note that one of the city’s Tsunami sirens is located on a tall pole here.

The road leading up to the beach is paved, then drops off to the sand. Be careful not to camp or throw you blanket on the sand below the access road. You could find yourself under a speeding emergency vehicle racing to the beach.

Once you get onto the beach, you will see Salt Air Creek, which empties out of Clear Lake across Highway 101. It is just to the north of the beach access and flows across the sand to the ocean. It’s a favorite of gulls and children.

S. Breaker Ave. & S. 7th Ave.

There is no formal parking lot here, so park along the street. A pair of tall pilings mark the entrance to the access trail. As you walk the path, you’ll see a large expanse of dune

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