Rockaway Beach Wayside Beach Access

Between U.S. Highway 101 and S. Pacific

This is the most visible of all the beach access points and the one most often used for all manner of tourist activities, fairs and community events.

From U.S. Highway 101, you will recognize the spot as the home of the Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce office in the Little Red Caboose next to the railroad tracks. The office is staffed by volunteers during peak visitor hours.

There is ample parking in this area. Diagonal parking faces Highway 101 along the railroad tracks and there are an additional 29 spaces in the adjacent parking lot, plus 2 spaces for RV parking.

The beach access is marked by a monument erected in 1995 by Post 7558 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and dedicated “In memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in the armed forces of the United States.”

Adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce caboose is a small park and a covered seating area. The median area of the parking lot has benches and two picnic tables. Once you are on the beach, you will note Rock Creek to the north slicing through the sand on its way to the ocean. grass to the right, Shore Pines to the left. Be sure to heed the “Private Property” signs and stay on the path. It’s just a short walk to the beach, but a sharp path down about 6 feet to the beach at the end of the path.

S. Breaker Ave. & S. 8th Ave

From Washington, go north on S. Breaker to 8th Street. There is no formal parking area, so you can parallel park along the street. Don’t park any closer to a home than a utility pole. To get to the access, you will walk across a large lawn between houses at 807 and 777 S. Breaker. The short trail to the beach is open and sunny, flanked by low Manzanita, a few Shore Pines and endless mounds of dune grass. To the right, you’ll see a thicket of small pines. At the end, the sandy path splits into two sections for the drop to the beach.

Twin Rocks Turnaround

You won’t easily find Twin Rocks Turnaround on your map. It is on Breaker north of W. Washington at S. 9th Ave. Across from the park, there are four paved and marked parking spaces. In front of the park are 2 handicapped spaces. Twin Rocks Turnaround is a small park constructed on the site of the former home of a Tillamook County pioneer. The park is a charming retreat with lawns, tall trees, benches and picnic tables. Leading toward the beach from the park is a wide, paved trail that is handicapped accessible. At the end of that trail, overlooking the beach, a matched pair of benches bear memorial plaques of their own. The paved trail ends at the beach with a sharp, 3-foot drop to the sand below.

S. Breaker Ave. & W. Washington St.

At the end of W. Washington Street at S. Breaker Avenue, there is parking for 10 to 12 vehicles. The short access path cuts through Manzanita, Shore Pines and dune grass.

S. Breaker Ave. & Stark

From Minnihaha, take S. Breaker Ave. north to Stark. There is no parking area, other than what can be found on the street. Take the access path for a lovely walk — about 180 paces. The path, just one person wide, winds upward a bit through vines and Manzanita bushes, Shore Pines and dune grass. When you emerge again into the sun, you will enjoy a stunning view of Twin Rocks as you step down to the beach.

Minnehaha & S. Breaker Ave.

Take S. Minnehaha Street west from 101 and drive to the end. The parking area is next to the Twin Rocks Ocean Front Motel. There is sufficient parking for perhaps 12 vehicles. Take the sandy path straight down to the beach. Directly ahead offshore will be a view of Twin Rocks. Nearby to the south, a stream fed by Spring Lake, winds through the sand to the ocean.

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