Tips for pets on Rockaway Beach

The beach is not just a favorite spot for people – you will often find dogs roaming, running, plunging into the waves and sunbathing. Dogs love a trip to the beach as much as we do, this much is true. Who wouldn’t love wide, open spaces, sunshine, and endless hours of chasing balls?

And in honor of Love Your Pet Day, here are a few Beach Safety for tips and tricks for dogs to keep your pooch safe while you’re at the beach:

  1. Bring Plenty of Water. Dogs are prone to getting dehydrated and might mistakenly think that the ocean is a good place to get a sip. Ocean water, however, is very salty and not a good option for your four-legged friend. Make sure to bring cool, freshwater and some sort of travel bowl. If you see your pup panting, or after a healthy run, make water available.

  3. Watch what your Dog Eats. The beach is home to all kinds of organisms, plants, driftwood and sea life. Some dogs like to explore these new sights, smells, and tastes by putting them in their mouth. Try and keep your dog from eating any foreign objects, which could cause diarrhea or vomiting.

  5. Not all Dogs can Swim. If your pup is new to the beach, introduce the ocean slowly to him or her. Some dogs are frightened of water, just like humans, and if so don’t force your dog near the water as this can cause anxiety. Other dogs love jumping in the waves and trying new things – just be sure your dog knows how to swim. Some breeds swim better than others, and some don’t swim at all. Whether yours can swim or just likes to cool down in the water, large waves can swoop them out farther than you can safely get to them so always keep your eye on the ocean.

4. Avoid too much Sun. You might be out on a cloudy day and don’t have to worry about overexposure, but if the sun is high and hot in the sky make sure your dog doesn’t get heat stroke or even sun burns. Sunscreen might be a good idea if your dog is short-haired. If the sand is particularly hot it might hurt your dog’s paws if you’re out too long. Look for shady patches – from trees, buildings, or driftwood and encourage your dog to rest in the shade. Again, water is key in keeping your dog healthy. The sun and salt can easily dry your pooch out.

5. Give a Good Rinse. After you’re through with beach day and before you head home, rinse that puppy off! Residual salt and sand can be irritating to your dog’s skin, paws and eyes, so rinse them off thoroughly. Check under their tails, between their toes and inside their noses for pesty grains of sand. This is also a good time to check for any cuts or scraps they may have acquired and take care of them properly.

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