Traditional Halloween activities might be out the door this year, but that doesn’t mean that the whole family can’t have fun this fall season – and Rockaway Beach is the perfect place to do it. There is still plenty of autumn magic in the air here, and many of our favorite fall activities can be enjoyed safely and comfortably. 

Give these activities a try the next time you’re in Rockaway Beach:

Go for a nature walk

There isn’t a better time to get outside on the North Oregon Coast than right now. The leaves are changing to bright red, orange and yellow and creating mini masterpieces as they fall to the earth. The crisp bare branches make bird watching easier. With better visibility, familiar forests can become completely new and unexplored magical kingdoms. Give the Wetlands Cedar Preserve a try for an easy autumn stroll. Of course don’t discount a walk on the beach this time of year either. The fall colors might not be as prevalent, but a crisp autumn morning on the beach can’t be beat. 

Capture the perfect sunset

Autumn sunsets just happen to be the best around. No, really it’s like science. The evenings are much cooler now, so be sure to bundle up in a good coat or even bring a blanket and steaming cup of apple cider with you. Then, settle in for a spectacular showcase of colors, textures, and lights. Here are some tips on capturing the perfect sunset. 

Visit a local ghost

Locals know that one restaurant in town has a little bit of a ghost problem. Fortunately, he’s a friendly ghost (most of the time). If you haven’t heard yet, legend has it that  Grumpy’s Cafe is inhibited by a ghost that the staff calls Roger. He’s not always around, but you can see his effects now and then if you’re lucky.

Go antiquing 

Nothing says lazy days of autumn like antiquing and finding the perfect treasures to bring home with you. We suggest Little White Church Antiques; just be sure to give yourself plenty of time because the size of this darling antique shop is a bit misleading. It appears small until you walk in and suddenly the rooms seem to go on for forever, each with a different theme and more treasures to explore. 

Have a lazy day reading books and drinking apple cider

Grab a book from the Rockaway Beach Library, located at 120 N Coral St,, and a warm cup of hot chocolate and settle in for a cozy afternoon reading. What could be better than that? The library is open for ‘express service’ from 12 – 5 each weekday. Patrons are asked to keep their visits to 15 minutes or less.

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