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Metal detecting at Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Metal Detecting:
Sleuthing Through the Sands of the Tillamook Coast

Buried treasure, the legendary riches hidden by pirates, is a part of mythical lore. According to popular belief, pirates buried their stolen fortunes in remote places for safekeeping. For the most part, this tends to be more fiction than fact. That hasn’t...
Couple flying kites, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Rockaway Beach Kite Festival
offers airborne showmanship

Every August, the American Kitefliers Association, the largest kiting organization in the world, sponsors the Rockaway Beach Kite Festival. The event, which is based at the Rockaway Beach Wayside, a large parking area in the center of town, affords the public an...

The “Daddy Train”

We aren’t kidding when we say that some things never change around here. The first passenger train came to Rockaway Beach in 1912, and you can still enjoy a train ride to our little beach town thanks to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. Prior to the railroad being...
Rolling waves near Twin Rocks, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

The Orphan Tsumani

A simulated tsunami reaches Japan ten hours after its start along the Pacific coast of North America. On the evening on January 26, 1700 a mysterious tsunami struck the villages and fields on the coast of Japan. After being “orphaned” for over 300 years, scientists...
Green glass ball, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

The Story Behind Glass Floats

Glass floats, glass fishing floats, or Japanese glass fishing floats are popular collectors’ items. They were once used by fishermen in many parts of the world to keep their nets afloat. These glass floats are no longer being used by fishermen, but many of them are...

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