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Deck around cedar tree, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

When it Comes to Trees, Go Big or Go Home

Most things in our beach town are small – and that’s the way we like it. We love our small cafes; small shops full of eclectic gifts and tiny treasures; small parks, and small crowds. But one thing in our tiny coastal village isn’t small at all. In fact –...

The Holidays Shine Brightest in Rockaway Beach

If there’s one thing we take pretty seriously here in Rockaway Beach, it’s celebrations. We’re pretty well known for our 4th of July parade and fireworks and of course the ever-popular Kite Festival. So it’s no surprise that the holidays are just as unique in our tiny...

Accessible Twin Rocks Turnaround park is glorious getaway

By Scott Gilbert A visit to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast can feature treats and trinkets, kettle corn and kite-flying, beach balls and boogie boards. And when you want some seaside solitude — in a quiet grove with a smooth path to the shore and a view of the...

The Happiest Place in Town on a Saturday Morning

For the last nine years, any kid under 12 knows exactly where to be on Saturdays in Rockaway Beach: The Little Crow. There is usually a line outside the door before Anne Savage even opens her shop at 11 a.m. – each child patiently waiting for their free Hot...

A (Slightly Caffeinated) Rockaway Beach Love Story

Since 1992, Gloria Robben has been helping the people and visitors of Rockaway Beach be their very best selves – by serving up delicious caffeinated beverages with a side of love. Gloria moved here in 1991 and decided to open her own coffee shop the next year....

Family’s gem and jewelry shop glows with upbeat energy

By Scott Gilbert Rockaway Beach is a jewel of the Oregon Coast, and fittingly, a gem and jewelry shop in the center of town sparkles with a family’s love for creating beauty. That bright spot is Troxel’s Gem and Jewelry Company and its adjacent...

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